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For 18 years, I've worked hand-in-hand with C-suite leaders to help drive the success of dynamic, mission-driven organizations. I was among the first Internal & Executive Communications managers at Google and I built and led the first Internal & Executive Communications team at YouTube.

Now, as an independent consultant and strategic advisor, I help companies harness the power of internal communications to fuel the growth of their team and the success of their business.

Consulting areas include: 

why internal communications matter more as you scale

As a company grows and evolves, the way in which you communicate (or don't) has an increasingly large impact on the employee experience. Teams are specializing and differentiating, more employees are less involved in decision-making processes and have less access to leadership, and cultural values become harder to pass on organically as hiring accelerates. 

Communication to your employees needs to be proactive, coordinated, and crystal clear to ensure that the entire team -- regardless of location, function, level, or tenure -- feels inspired, included, and armed with the information they need to do their best work. 

When done well, internal communication sits at the intersection of strategy, culture, and operations, helping to fuel your continued momentum while blending seamlessly into the unique fabric of your culture.

Not sure if you need to scale up your internal communications? Here are 5 signs it's time.

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Daria is very adept at understanding key executive topical focus, voice, and tying themes together from one forum/audience to another”

Daria works through the many different threads and ideas in her head to a simple, compelling storyline in a VERY tight timeframe with no drama”

“Daria is very effective at distilling complicated concepts and discourse into easy-to-communicate, easy-to-understand materials"

She has an amazing pulse on the business and what matters”

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